Brand Guidelines

Before using our open source logo, we ask that you follow
a few simple guidelines to keep it looking its best.


Full color and Black and White.

Primary Logo

Logo Type

Logotype with Tagline

Horizontal Marks

Vertical Marks

Contact Medsol
Contact Medsol



Single color black and white.

Primary Logo


Horizontal Mark

Vertical Mark


Brand Do's & Don'ts

The Medsol icon is to be used only in minimal areas. ( ie sizes in which normal logos become illegible ). Here are some examples of how to use and not use the Medsol logo. It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted , modified, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter the logo in any way. Its orientation, color, and composition should remain as indicated in the document – there are no exceptions.

Do not add a stroke to the logo

Do not change any elements respective to each other​

Do not add a drop shadow to the logo

Do not rotate, distort, or alter the proportions of the logo

Do not use full color logos on inappropriate background colors. Instead, use the appropriate single-color variant.

Brand Colors

Please use the color versions of our logo when possible with the color values given below. They are our favorites! Our symbol can be used as a thumbnail / favicon only and as a full logo.

Medsol Blue

Medsol Lite Blue

Medsol Lite Lite Blue

Medsol White


Fonts and Typeface.

Heading 1 – 60 px – Manrope

Heading 2 – 45 px – Manrope

Heading 3 – 36 px – Manrope

Heading 4 – 24 px – Manrope

Heading 5 – 20 px – Mantrope
Heading 6 – 18 px – Manrope

Paragraph Text – 16px – Roboto Slab

Fonts in Action

Below is an example of how typography should be used to create a proper visual hierarchy in website format. 






When you work with Medsol, you become family. Longevity and quality of life are the driving factors behind everything we do. Medsol is on a mission to inspire healthcare companies to invest in high-quality products that uphold integrity and reliability over time. As an extension of Colimatic, a medical device, pharmaceutical, and Healthcare packaging machines manufacturing business that started in Italy in 1973, we are proud to be the North American arm to deliver integrated medical packaging solutions you can trust.

As the struggle to obtain affordable healthcare continues to affect people all over the world, our packaging and printing equipment makes it possible to bring products to the healthcare market at a lower price by reducing the cost of disposable packaging. We strive to always be aligned with our customers by providing customized products that meet your unique needs and specifications.


This is how buttons should look on light and dark backgrounds. 

Brand in Action

Samples of the visual brand identity in the real world. 


Thank you

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