Tray Sealer Machines

Tray Sealer Machines

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In the medical industry, packaging plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of products. From surgical instruments to diagnostic equipment, every medical device must be carefully packaged to maintain sterility and protect against contamination. At our company, we recognize the unique packaging challenges faced by the medical industry and have developed a range of automatic packaging machine solutions that are specifically designed to meet these needs. Our medical device packaging machines are built to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability, while meeting the stringent regulatory requirements of the medical industry. We will introduce you to our range of tray sealer machines designed for medical applications, outlining their unique features, benefits, and certifications.


It is perfect for the packaging of preformed plastic, cardboard and aluminum trays, with plastic film lids on a reel, cardboard lids and the option of applying a resealable lid.


TDF 1500 cup tray sealer is a unique solution that combines automatic tray loading, product feeding, data printing, and lid applicator with a compact design.


Automatic tray sealer machine model TDF 1000E for medium production outputs, only sealing or MAP packaging options. This model can work with different dimensions of trays.

Main Characterisitcs

Best Features

Our tray sealer machines employ a validated sealing process that ensures the consistent and reliable sealing of medical device trays. The sealing parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and dwell time, have been thoroughly tested and validated to meet the stringent requirements of medical regulations and standards. By utilizing a validated sealing process, our automatic packaging machine solutions provide assurance of the integrity and sterility of the packaged medical devices, reducing the risk of product contamination or compromised quality.

Our tray sealer machines incorporate advanced automation features that optimize the packaging process. They may include automated tray loading and unloading systems, robotic pick-and-place mechanisms, and integrated conveyor systems. These automation features streamline the production line, reducing manual handling and improving overall efficiency. By minimizing human intervention, our automatic packaging machine solutions enhance productivity and minimize the risk of errors, ensuring consistent sealing results.

Our medical device packaging machine is designed with ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind. They feature a hygienic design with smooth surfaces and minimal areas for dirt or debris accumulation. Medical device packaging machines components, such as sealing tools and conveyors, are easily accessible and removable for thorough cleaning and sanitation. This easy-to-clean design not only ensures a sterile production environment, but also reduces downtime and facilitates quick changeovers between different tray sizes or configurations.

Our tray sealer machines are specifically engineered to operate in cleanroom environments commonly found in the medical industry. They are constructed using materials that are resistant to contamination and designed to minimize the generation of particles. Medical devices packaging machines incorporate features like HEPA filtration systems to maintain a sterile production environment, preventing the introduction of contaminants into the packaging process. The cleanroom compatibility of our machines ensures that they meet the strict cleanliness requirements of the medical industry.

Our medical device packaging machines are equipped with precise control and monitoring systems to ensure accurate and reliable sealing results. They may feature programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interface (HMI) panels that allow operators to set and monitor the sealing parameters with precision. These systems provide real-time feedback and alerts, enabling operators to make adjustments and address any issues promptly. The precise control and monitoring systems of our tray sealer machines contribute to the consistent quality control and adherence to medical regulations.