Tray Sealer Machines
TDF 1000E

Automatic tray sealer machine model TDF 1000E for low to medium production outputs, only sealing or MAP packaging options. This model of our Colimatic brand can work with different dimensions of trays.

Also, the complete stainless steel frame allows the tray sealer machine TDF 1000E to work in wet and wash down environments as well as medical cleanrooms.

  • Lid applicator.
  • Exit pack converger.
  • Automatic loading system.
  • Chamber lid lifter.
  • Additional mold storage.
  • Check-weigher.
  • Packs rejection system.
  • Hot marker/InkJet thermal transfer printer.
  • Metal detector and Ray-x control.
  • Double reel-holder.
  • Automatic Robot loading.
  • Check-weigher.
  • Pick & place loading system.


Our TDF 1000E model tray sealer can work with different dimensions of trays.

Most common uses cases

Our machines for the medical industry are used to manufacture all types of healthcare packaging, such as:


Medical devices

Surgical sutures, surgical equipment, syringes, vials, IV bags and cannulas.


Laboratory items

Covid test kits, pipettes, vials, swabs, tubes, and laboratory diagnostics.


Pharmaceutical products

Bottles, lids, ampoules, and blister packs.


Custom packaging

Manufactured and designed to meet the quality levels required in the packaging of medical products.



Features of our products

Automatic tray sealer machine model TDF 1000 E for low to medium production outputs, only sealing or MAP packaging options.

Extreme energy saving

The configuration with a shared DC Bus allows energy exchange between axes, reducing energy waste caused by dynamic braking resistors. This will significantly reduce (up to 40%!) the amount of power required. (KERS – Kinetic Energy Recovery System)

Scraps rewinder

Rewinder with pneumatic expansion and increased stroke, to allow the scraps rewinding on both carton or directly on the roll. The group is controlled by clutch with adjustable strength to adapt it to every kind of film. The motor is positioned inside the electrical cabinet.

User Friendly

This allows easier access to all machine functions by simplifying setup, machine activation, and system verification.


We are always ready to support your needs & questions

We offer all our customers a technical support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that Medsol is ready to help you in any emergency. Our technical team is made up of highly qualified professionals, exclusively prepared to provide technical support for thermoforming machines, tray sealer machines, and printers. They are trained to solve any type of technical problem through logical troubleshooting and, if possible, to anticipate by detecting anomalies even before the customers are aware of them.


It is important to mention that if our customers have any questions when operating their machine, they can contact our technical team who will gladly assist them.


When our team of highly qualified technical specialists completes the installation of the machine, they are in charge of training the personnel designated for its operation.


At the end of the training of the new machine in the facilities of our customers, Medsol makes available to them the operation manual of the machine in physical and digital version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our machines allow a high level of customization with many add-on accessories such as a jumbo reel holder, printer,  multipoint discharge (MDP), dosing unit for liquid and creamy products, automatic feeders, and more. It all depends on the type of machine you’ve selected!

Here is a list of basic things you might want to consider before purchasing a new packaging machine:

  1. How many packages will you be sealing per shift?
  2. How large is each package?
  3. What is the package made from?
  4. How much space do you have available for another machine?
  5. Do you plan on ramping up production in the near future?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. What type of product are you packaging? 

Yes! Our team of highly-qualified engineers and technicians is ready to address any issues that may arise. We even offer on-site training, so we can guide you through the proper usage of your specific equipment. 

Our machines are produced in Italy and some parts are produced in the U.S.

Yes. Medsol, through its Colimatic brand, is concerned about the environment.

Our TDF 1650-1900, TDF 1500 and TDF 1000E tray sealer machines are eco-sustainable due to the technology with which they are manufactured and the materials/equipment that use, such as:

• Gear motors with high efficiency.
• Option of cooling circuit with water recycling (no water waste).

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