Label Farm

LabelFarm is software developed directly by Alfaservice for use with the e XPrint series printers.

It is the ideal tool that allows the customer to reproduce on the screen of a PC, with a few simple operations, the layout that represents the format of its packaging machine, respecting the dimensions and the number of cavities both on the band and on the wheelbase.

Here are some of the features of the packaging printing software:

The software has been realized just thinking about the main use of XPrint printers, that is, multipack packaging machines and single or multiple feeds such as thermoforming machines.

The powerful and easy-to-use tools provided by the program help the operator to import various graphic formats from the most popular graphic creation software, enriching the printing artwork with all the typical information that is required in the printing of the most popular packaging part of the products to be packaged, such as:

  1. Linear and two-dimensional barcodes with fixed or variable data.
  2. Automatic fields for expiration date, production, cavity or piste counter, etc.
  3. Operator fields for entering operator data via the network or directly on the packaging line.
  4. Fields of connection to data from external databases.

LabelFarm is also the ideal tool to manage a network of printers installed on various packaging machines. The operator, from a single PC workstation, is able to send the complete layout of print data to any printer connected to the network simply by selecting it from a list present directly on the main window.

Packaging printing software


RFID and barcode label software to set your business up for success.

Here are some of the features of the packaging printing software:

  • Advanced barcode label creation & integration.
  • Intelligent user interface.
  • Robust database connections.
  • Over 100 barcode symbologies.
  • Merge label and document printing.
  • Compatible with enterprise solutions.

LabelStar Office

LabelStar Office is an ideal addition to your Sprint printers.

By displaying WYSIWYG it is possible to create labels directly on the PC. With the Look & Feel surface, learning is very easy. Thanks to the LabelStar Office modules, the program can be adapted to any personal need. By purchasing the basic version, all the features for creating labels will be available. The LabelStar Office supports Windows True Type fonts, OpenType fonts, and all internal printer fonts. In addition, there is the possibility of importing graphic formats and vector fonts.

Here are some of the features of the packaging printing software:

LabelStar Office is available in the following languages: Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, English, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German, and Turkish.

LabelStar Office supports the following types of barcodes: CODABAR, Code 128A, Code 128B, Code 2/5 interleaved, Code 39, Code 39 extended, Code 93, DataMatrix, GS1-128 (EAN 128), EAN 13, EAN 8, EAN ADD ON, ITF 14, ITF 16, MAXICODE, PDF 417, Pharmacode, PZN Code, QR Code, RSS Code, UPC A, UPC E.

The insertion assistant helps you create EAN 128 barcodes. Thanks to the variables, the labels created will be versatile and flexible. Besides the classic variables such as date, numerator, or user input, the LabelStar Office has additional functions such as, for example, field chaining or calculation functions. A convenient interface allows the system administrator to set the security and access rules for the program. Through the OLE-Automations interface, it is possible to integrate LabelStar Office with data coming from other programs.

The basic version of LabelStar Office can be expanded at any time with several additional modules:

  1. SAP export module: a module created specifically to allow the export of a label in a format compatible with SAP. SAP variables can be added.
  2. Database management module: Through the ODBC interface, it is possible to retrieve data from the database and integrate it into the label.
  3. Memory card module: designed to help you manage memory cards. Internal drives to the printer and external PCMCIA units are supported.
  4. Minimum system requirements.

Pentium PC, 32 MB RAM, 60 MB of available disk space.

Windows 2000®, Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®

Medsol Colimatic - LSO_gross-1

Nice Label

The adoption of new-generation labeling technology improves agility and reduces costs.

The new generation of management solutions related to labeling provides many companies with a great opportunity to reduce costs, improve their agility within the market, and reduce the risk of non-production and non-compliance with labeling requirements.