Printing station

Full-web digital high-speed and high-resolution roll-to-roll CMYK printing system used on machines for the medical industry.


The printing station is a new high-resolution digital CMYK printer with a winding and rewinding roll system that allows for customization of out-line blank rolls. This system is able to print on paper or tyvek a CMYK image previously composed by an artwork editor on a separate PC.

Within the key features that make this a unique system, we can mention:

  • Different colored packaging designs and descriptions in various languages.
  • Requests for promotional messages or technical information in accordance with laws and regulations.


Here is a preview of the new Digital Press for our Alfa Service brand.

  • Technology based on KM 360 DPI-6PL heads is already super-tested on XP and JP models.
  • Working speed that allows you to print and rewind 500m rolls in just ten minutes.
  • Starting with the jumbo used for tests, about 7km of medical paper.
  • Printing of the ‘notch’ with step precision to the hundredth of a millimeter.
  • Soon, in addition to black, the three basic colors (cyan, magenta, yellow) will be implemented for four-color printing. 
Our state-of-the-art printing station for packaging machines ensures precise and vibrant prints, enhancing the overall appearance and branding of your products.
Printing station by Medsol 2 (V29)
Printing station by Medsol 2 (V29)
Printing station by Medsol 5
Printing station by Medsol 3
Printing station by Medsol 4
Printing station by Medsol 1

We provide the best benefits for your business

Full web digital high speed and high resolution roll-to-roll CMYK printing system used on machines for the medical industry.

Cost saving

Specialized in fast format change with a very low cost for package/ print even for small batch volume:

  • Reducing logistic and storage cost.
  • Reducing packaging material delivery time.
  • Low cost consumables.
  • Very long lasting working cycles.
  • Nearly maintenance-free.

High running speed:

  • A single file is sent to the printer for any combination of lines and advancement.
    Printer speed up to 40m/min.
  • Fast changing layout without any mechanical adjustment.
  • Ink cartridges system (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black) of 1000 ml for a very long lasting working cycles.  
  • Change ink cartridge without printer downtime.
The printing station system uses digital technology of the DOD Piezoelectric inkjet printing heads in a structure including:
  • Automatic unwinding and rewinding roll system.
  • Automatic purge system for maximum heads efficiency.
  • Parking position for manual wiping and capping.
  • Full color touch-screen panel.
Graphics and Logos
  • Linear and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes.
  • Data managing from external data-bases.

The printing station runs at high speeds with a DPI resolution of 360 DPI ensuring:

  • Excellent visual quality and accuracy in small details.
  • Consistent printing quality over time.
  • No wearable parts are involved in the printing process.

Printing station is a fully digital printer for direct print even of complex layout which include fixed and variable texts.

Technical features

Together we build to be better

Technical specifications of our printing stations specially designed for our thermoforming machines and tray sealer machines:

  • Print technology: DOD piezoelectric inkjet technology.
  • Printing mode: Roll-to-roll continuous printing.
  • Ink type: Oil based; Pigmented water based.
  • Colors: Process color CMYK.
  • Resolution: 360*360 dpi; 360*720dpi.
  • Dropsize: 6pl; 12pl; 18pl.
  • Standard INK tank volume: 1L per color
  • Substrate type: On request. 
  • Substrate thickness: Up to 1mm.

Important note:

A printing station for packaging machines is crucial because it enables direct printing of labels or graphics onto packaging material during the thermoforming process. This customization is essential for branding, labeling, and design elements. It streamlines the production process and reduces errors and defects by eliminating the need for separate labeling or printing steps. 

Incorporating a printing station in packaging machines results in cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced quality control. Direct printing provides greater control over the printing process, ensuring accurate and consistent application of labels or graphics. Overall, a printing station in packaging machines is critical for businesses looking to optimize their production process while maintaining high-quality standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our machines allow a high level of customization with many add-on accessories such as a jumbo reel holder, printer,  multi-point discharge (MDP), dosing unit for liquid and creamy products, automatic feeders, and more. It all depends on the type of machine you’ve selected!

Here is a list of basic things you might want to consider before purchasing a new packaging machine:

  1. How many packages will you be sealing per shift?
  2. How large is each package?
  3. What is the package made from?
  4. How much space do you have available for another machine?
  5. Do you plan on ramping up production in the near future?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. What type of product are you packaging? 

Yes! Our team of highly-qualified engineers and technicians is ready to address any issues that may arise. We even offer on-site training so we can guide you through the proper usage of your specific equipment. 

Our machines are produced in Italy and some parts are produced in the U.S.

At Medsol, we prioritize environmental sustainability. Our Colimatic and Alfa Service brands are committed to eco-friendly practices. Our packaging machines are designed with advanced technology and use environmentally conscious materials, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Choose Medsol for eco-sustainable solutions in packaging machinery.

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