Custom Tool Design Service

Custom tooling design service for packaging machines. At Medsol, we are proud to offer a specialized custom tool design service for thermoforming machines and tray sealer machines. With our extensive expertise and dedication to precision and innovation, we aim to unlock new possibilities for manufacturers in the medical industry.
Thermoforming in the medical sector requires meticulous attention to detail, strict adherence to quality standards, and the ability to meet unique product specifications. That’s where our team of experienced professionals excels. We understand the challenges faced by medical manufacturers when it comes to tooling design, and we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that precisely meet their needs.
What sets us apart is our focus on customization. We believe that every customer is unique, and their tooling requirements should reflect that. We collaborate closely with our customers, leveraging our industry knowledge and expertise to develop tooling designs that:
– Guarantee the quality of the tool.
– Improving manufacturing capacity, and
– Improving profitability during the design and production process.
Innovation and problem-solving are at the heart of our approach. We thrive on tackling complex design challenges, finding innovative solutions, and implementing cutting-edge features to drive success for our customers. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of the medical industry, including sterilization considerations, material compatibility, and regulatory requirements.
With a strong emphasis on collaboration and communication, we foster strong partnerships with our customers. We value their input throughout the design process, ensuring that the final tooling designs not only meet their specifications but also exceed their expectations.
Quality assurance is paramount in our work. We have rigorous processes in place to ensure that our tooling designs consistently meet the highest standards. We conduct thorough design reviews, validation procedures, and adhere to industry regulations to guarantee reliable and superior results.

Offer precise solutions to meet the most diverse requirements for the packaging of medical devices.
Thanks to the know-how acquired through our integrated project management for the most renowned companies in the medical field, we are sure to meet all the most challenging packaging expectations in the industry.

According to the measurements and the die configuration, the complete set of the new tool includes the following components:

- Forming die.
- Sealing die.
- Sealing Plate.
- Seal Gaskets.